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Ways to improve internal communication

What is internal communication?

Internal communication (also known as internal comms) refers to a group of people, processes or tools that are responsible for the effective flow of information and collaboration between employees within a company. Internal comms are composed of communication between top management and employees. Companies with open and transparent communication also tend to have higher employee engagement & retention and lower fluctuation rates. Internal comms is therefore an often-underestimated success factor of a company!

How can internal comms be improved?

Effective internal communication is crucial in creating well informed and motivated staff. The first step is to create a basis for easy and quick distribution of information. It is important to remember that you do not only want to reach your office workers, but also those in production, on the sales floor or in the warehouse – because a flyer on the blackboard in the breakroom is definitely not enough. Therefore, internal communication channels must be accessible to everyone and information should be available in a targeted and uncomplicated way.

7 Ways to Improve Internal Communication at Your Business

Make “Sticky” Information Accessible

Every organisation has its own set of “sticky” information, better known as internal knowledge, that all employees come to learn and understand as they progress within the company. It takes time to learn how the company does things, especially in an ever changing environment. Help employees learn this information faster by including it as a part of their induction training and by creating internal documents to be used for reference. Review it in their one-to-ones and post it on noticeboards.

Make the Companies Vision and Mission Simple

Improve Connections

Create Open And Two Channel Dialogue

Encourage Sharing Of Information

Online Project Management Tools

Plan External Events

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